Spherical bearings

The spherical bearing is a spatial joint consisting of three parts: a top plate with an austenitic sheet, a plano-convex lens with a PTFE plate on the flat surface and a chromium and a polished spherical surface, a plano-concave lens with a PTFE layer embedded therein. All elements are made of materials with relevant certifications for their special purposes for bridge construction. As compared to the other types of bearings (pot and elastomeric), they are distinguished by the durability of the basic material - steel, the possibility of achieving a great degree of angular rotation as well as the possibility of transferring high vertical loads as well as not loading the bridge construction with the moment of restraint after its rotation. The bearings are made as sliding unidirectionally and they permanently transfer the horizontal force from the top plate directly to the bottom plate without the lens.

Sandblasting and spray metallization as well as sealing with paint sets are the means of anti- corrosion protection used for the KPRM spherical bearings.

The bearings are manufactured in accordance with the PN-EN 1337-5 Standard, Construction bearings. Spherical and cylindrical bearings made of PTFE.