Stainless steel welding (mig / tig)

Our plant has full certified quality requirements in the manufacture of bridge modular expansion joints used in engineering constructions according to AT IBDiM as well as in the manufacture of bridge bearings according to the PN-EN 1337-1,2,3,5,7 Standard, we have full supervisory qualifications and proven technological capabilities in performing welded steel structures class 1 according to the PN-EN 10137-2 Standard, proof load girders.

Calculating welding costs is executed on the basis of customer data using patterns that govern

  • welding technologies
  • Sandblast cleaning
  • Surface cleanliness - Sa 2 , Sa 2 ½ , Sa 3

We perform cleanliness assessment (Sa 2, Sa 2 ½, Sa 3) in accordance with the PN ISO 8501-1 Standard:

Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. Visual assessment of surface cleanliness. Levels of corrosion, preparation grades of unprotected steel substrates and steel substrates after completely removing previous coatings". Surface roughness profile: 20 - 80 μm.

We assess using the Ry5 parameter in accordance with the PN-EN- ISO 8503-2:1988 Standard and in accordance with the Attachment to the Regulation No. 12 of the General Directorate of Public Roads dated 8 December 1998 entitled - "Recommendations for the execution and acceptance of corrosion protection of steel structures of bridges" – 1999 - Table 5. Pattern G.